Case Study

Flexible Chlorine Injection Pacing Using Cloud-based SCADA

The City of White Deer, Texas is located in North Texas and serves approximately 500 water taps.

The water distribution operation includes a flow-pacing chlorine injection valve. For the past 10 years, the utility had a custom- programmed, radio-based SCADA system in place and it worked the way the operators needed it to. After several years, the radio communications became unreliable and the system experienced several connection drop- outs. The system relied on constant connectivity to ensure functional controls and proper chlorine injection rates. On the rare occasion that their SCADA system sent alarms, the utility operators were required to drive out to one of the sites where the local HMI screen was to determine what the problems were. Only after that could they determine what tools or personnel were needed to correct the problem.

Case Study

Small Oceanside Town Improves its Lift Station Monitoring with High Tide Technologies

Located 8 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, the town of Berlin, Maryland, serves a population of about 5,000 people with roughly 2,000 water connections. The utility recently sought a new technology to better monitor its lift stations and replace its outdated procedure of using landline alarm auto-dialers to notify employees of an alarm event.

See how this utility implemented a cloud-based SCADA system for their lift stations and how they use analytics to do preventative maintenance on their system.


The Most Beautiful Places Shaped By Water

With a flick of the faucet, we can easily harness one of nature’s most powerful and sustaining forces: water. Whether rock was sculpted, land washed away, or sources joined, water has crafted some of the world’s most striking landscapes and spaces. Check out the list below to learn how Earth’s diverse surface has been shaped by water.



The State of American Infrastructure

Infrastructure is all around us, it allows us to subsist. It’s easy to take for granted, too. Infrastructure is embedded in our lives: the roads we drive, the pipes that deliver us water, the airports we travel through. Turns out, the state of American infrastructure is in constant flux (sometimes dramatically so) and always a point of spirited debate. That debate becomes particularly interesting when infrastructure is compared state to state.



The Cost of Showers Around the World

You might not realize it, but regular showering is a luxury reserved only for people in the most developed countries. In many parts of the world, the cost of water to supply a shower far exceeds what many individuals can afford, or there’s insufficient plumbing and water treatment infrastructure to even make showers a reality.

Case Study

Cloud scada solves big problems for small utilities

See how one small utility implemented a cloud-based SCADA system and made what used to be a traditionally large & expensive solution work for them at an affordable price.

Case Study

Hillsborough County, FL

In 1979, the Hillsborough County Public Utilities Department in Florida adopted a plan to reduce potential health hazards from septic tanks in two of its residential areas: Ruskin and Wimauma. The Utility was proactive in dealing with aging septic tank systems.