Water, Wastewater, and Just About Anything You Can Imagine

Our line of products has been deployed in a wide variety of industries and applications, including: water, wastewater, oil & gas, and more. You can monitor the health of your grinder pump deployment, set up a set of simple alarms for your system, or even manage a large treatment plant, all with HTT's set of hardware and software. The great thing about the High Tide Technologies solution is that it is not bound to just the industries or applications listed above. You can deploy our solution in any application that requires your monitoring or remote controlling.



High Tide Technologies solution fits perfectly with the water industry. With our line of products, you can set up simple alarms for your existing systems. You can also remotely monitor & control pump stations, tanks & wells, flow systems, or even small & large treatment plants. 



Monitor & control your pump locations, lift stations, all the way up to complex treatment plant systems. Now with the Grinder Pump Guardian, you can use us to monitor your low pressure sewer pumps as well. High Tide Technologies is tailor-made for the wastewater sector, and our hundreds of customers in the industry agree.


Oil & Gas

The oil & gas industry is an ideal fit for the High Tide Technologies solution. With our products and software, you can monitor gas well production, pipeline flow, distribution system pressures and odor injection status. Our customers in this industry have benefited greatly from the gained ability to identify production problems in well fields and pressure drops in distribution system during those cold winter months.