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High Tide Technologies provides a complete SCADA solution that alerts you to problems instantly and allows you to manage your SCADA system anytime, anywhere.

The Future of SCADA

High Tide Technologies is an end-to-end cloud-based SCADA company that enables our users to create a complete SCADA solution that utilizes field units, satellite, cellular or Ethernet communications as well as the Internet to monitor and provide automatic control of your systems. In addition to our hardware products, we offer a web-based software called TelemetryVIEW. Via this online platform, you can view data and initiate manual controls from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device. Simply by connecting to a secure web page, you will have access to information about pump runtimes, electrical consumption, flow rates and more. 

By taking SCADA to the cloud, important system information is now available from anywhere, to users with proper permissions, from any device that is connected to The Internet - all without spending a fortune.

Instead of having to go to a plant or SCADA office, managers and operators can now see critical system data anywhere, particularly in the field, where this information is the most valuable.


At High Tide Technologies, we believe strongly in our five key principles: building quality hardware, delivering a user-friendly application, providing 24/7/365 phone support to all of our customers, offering a predictable cost of long-term ownership, and ensuring the highest level of Internet security.


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Whether you are monitoring the status of grinder pumps, creating a simple alarm system, or managing a large treatment plant system, we have a solution for any of your monitoring needs. Our products are typically applied to industries such as water, wastewater, and oil & gas. In addition to our hardware products, we offer a web-based software called TelemetryVIEW. 

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High Tide Technologies simplifies SCADA and monitoring needs with a product line of easy-to-install hardware, web-based software, communications (satellite, cellular, or Ethernet) and 24x7 customer service. Our unique offering allows the customer to build a reliable SCADA system, "One unit at a time". The system monitors, controls, and sends alarms via text and voice automatically.

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High Tide Technologies distribution partners extend throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, and
Central & South America. There are still distribution opportunities available in a few U.S. states. Looking to partner with High Tide Technologies in your area? Would you like to use a High Tide Technologies solution for your application?

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“We needed a better handle on communication so that we could prevent future SSO’s. We found the answer to all of our problems in High Tide’s solution.”
— Jon Johanson, Project Manager, Hillsborough County, Florida