A Complete Cloud-Based SCADA Solution

High Tide Technologies offers a full range of RTU equipment to meet your system's needs - from grinder pump monitors to whole treatment plant options.

High Tide Technologies' many products come together to create a complete cloud-based SCADA solution that fits a variety of applications. Whether you are monitoring the status of grinder pumps, creating a simple alarm system, or monitoring a variety of systems: from pump run status to lift stations, or small & large treatments plants, we have an answer for any of your monitoring needs.

Our solutions are typically applied to industries such as water, wastewater, and oil & gas, although they have extended beyond those industries to include agriculture, environmental, and landfill.

In addition to our hardware products, we offer a web-based software called TelemetryVIEW. TelemetryVIEW is free to all of our hardware customers and enables end-users to monitor & control the hardware in the field from any Internet-connected device.

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Grinder Pump Guardian >

Use the Grinder Pump Guardian to wirelessly monitor the status of individual grinder pumps. The GPG system consists of a compact wireless module for each grinder control panel, a neighborhood collector to transmit alarm data via satellite or cellular to a central server and a web-based application to view current status and historical information.

The system automatically provides utility personnel with a notification of high water alarm, or a communication failure (power or radio failure) alarm via voice or text message.

TelemetryVIEW >

Monitor & control your RTUs from anywhere with TelemetryVIEW, High Tide Technologies' web-based software.

This software comes free with the purchase of any High Tide Technologies hardware and can be accessed from any Internet-connected device.

HTT-300 >

The HTT-300 is the most economical HTT unit. It is equipped with 4 discrete inputs and 1 optional analog inputs. The typical use for this unit is either a duplex lift station monitor where you can collect starts and run-times for two pump and have two discrete alarms such as high-level alarm and a power fail alarm built in. It is also perfect for a simple high level alarm at a manhole or wet well. It comes with an integrated AC/DC power supply and backup battery. Typical applications include: Wastewater lift station or manhole monitoring.

HTT-900 >

The HTT-900 is the entry-level sewer lift station or meter monitoring unit. It comes with 12 discrete inputs that can be used to monitor pump run status, alarms, meters and rain gauge pulse counters. 

The HTT-1100 is the most commonly used HTT unit. It is equipped with 8 discrete inputs and 4 analog inputs. Optionally, it can be equipped with an additional 4 analog inputs and/or 4 discrete outputs for control applications.
Typical applications include: Lift station monitoring, water tank monitoring, water or natural gas pulse and flow rate meter reporting, pressure monitoring, booster and valve station monitoring and controls.

HTT-3100 >

The HTT-3100 is equipped for larger pump stations or small treatment plants. It is equipped with 28 discrete inputs and 6 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, and 8 discrete outputs.

Typical applications include: Larger lift station monitoring, larger booster pump stations and small treatment plants.

HTT-4100 >

The HTT-4100 is typically used for treatment plant monitoring. The base model comes with equipped with 28 discrete inputs and 12 analog inputs, and 8 discrete outputs. I/O expansions are available for more digital or analog inputs.

Typical applications include: Water or wastewater treatment plants.