Cloud-Based SCADA Software - TelemetryVIEW

TelemetryVIEW is High Tide Technologies' web based software. Similar to most industry standard "Human Machine Interface" software, TelemetryVIEW can be accessed on any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device by multiple users from different locations. Whether your remote terminal units (RTUs) are connected via cellular, satellite, or Ethernet, our software can help you easily monitor & control the performance of your system.

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Available anywhere you are

Since our line of products support cellular, satellite, or Ethernet-based communications in order to adapt to any unique location-based or geographic challenges you may have, TelemetryVIEW is available to you, no matter where your units reside.

TelemetryVIEW is also available whenever you are. Whether you are in the office, out in the field, or on vacation, you can access our software via any Internet-connected computer or mobile device.

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Simple User Interface

Via a simple modular user interface, TelemetryVIEW software provides the current status of water pumps and tank levels, alarm state of sanitary sewer pumps, wet well levels and high float status. The software has excellent and easy-to-use graphing tools to analyze analog data such as tank levels, turbidity, wet well level, flow rate, etc. You can also program alarms via text and voice to cell phones and Email via TelemetryVIEW.

Free with your hardware &
Free Upgrades Forever

We do not believe that you should have to pay to use the hardware that you've purchased, so High Tide Technologies' TelemetryVIEW software is free of charge with the purchase of any of our hardware products. 

TelemetryVIEW also keeps alarm history on every field unit, along with the operator whom acknowledged said alarm. Reports of the stored data can be generated in spreadsheet format for any time interval and printed for your reference.

As a customer of High Tide Technologies, all software upgrades are provided free of charge.

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What if I have a problem with my system?

High Tide Technologies provides 24x7 customer support with all of our products and software. If you are experiencing an issue, please contact us through our website, or call (615) 256-6678 to get in touch with one of our support managers.