SCADA Solution for Sewer Lift Stations & Meter Monitoring

The HTT-900 is the entry-level sewer lift station or meter monitoring unit. It comes with 12 discrete inputs that can be used to monitor pump run status, alarms, meters and rain gauge pulse counters. The HTT-900 also has a built-in power fail monitor and battery backup so that operators can be notified when power is lost and still monitor various alarms. For lift station monitoring the unit automatically tracks and reports starts and run times on up to 5 pumps and will issue an alarm if a single runtime exceeds the user set time limit. The HTT-900 works seamlessly with the High Tide Technologies TelemetyVIEW web interface.

Typical Applications

HTT-900 SCADA Monitoring Features


  • No user programming required
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • 24/7 factory support


Digital Inputs: 12
Pulse Counters: up to 4
Pump Statistics: up to 5
Communications Options: Cellular, Satellite, or Ethernet
Enclosure: 8in x 10 in, Nema 4X FRP or Dinrail kit
Operating Temperature: -25C to 70C
Input Power: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Backup Battery: 12V 1-2 days

Lift Station Alarms & SCADA Monitoring for Wastewater Management

High Tide Technologies is tailor-made for the wastewater industry, and many of our customers have chosen us to monitor their lift stations. In addition to simple auto-dialer functionality, our lift station alarms also offer our customers pump statistics, rain gauge data, flow meter reporting, pump amp readings, preventative maintenance alerts, …

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