Change Alarm Settings for Individual Sites via SMS Text Message


All High Tide Technologies customers now have the capability to change alarm settings for individual sites with simple SMS text messages from a mobile phone. This server-side function enables users to disable alarms at certain sites as well as log who is working at the site.

Text messages will only work from numbers assigned to the customer’s contacts for security purposes. The SMS text commands will each include unit identifier to distinguish which site is being affected, as well as actions for enabling and disabling alarms will be logged in the normal alarm list. All new units will include literature with detailed instructions.

Any SMS text message commands should be sent to 1-(615) 490-0745.

SMS text commands should also include UID = Unit Identifier.  Example UID is V00457.

  • For Iridium satellite modems: only the last 5 digits are required - example: if the UID for your Iridium satellite unit is 300234060335130, only include 35130 in your SMS text command.

Here is the command list (please note: commands are NOT case-sensitive):

  • ACK.UID = Acknowledge alarms for site UID
  • ACK = Acknowledge all open alarms for all sites


For each of the following commands, a text message will be sent to the person that sent the command to verify alarms are turned off and a second when alarms are re-enabled. These commands will also cause any pending alarms for that UID to be acknowledged in the server.

  • OFF.UID = Alarms off at the site for 2 hours. A text message will be sent to sender to verify.
  • OFF.UID.X = Alarms off at the site for X hours (choose between 1-6). A text message will be sent to sender to verify.
  • ON.UID = Alarms will be turned on for the site. A text message will be sent to sender to verify.
  • STATUS.UID = Responds with current status of alarm enable for the site.
  • This functionality is available to all of our existing customers now, and is free of charge to any current and future customers. These functions will also be available via the web interface when the next upgrade occurs, which is expected in late summer 2015.

If you have any questions, please call us at (615) 256-6678 to speak to one of our support managers.