Whether you are operating a water quality monitoring system or a wastewater alarm system, High Tide Technologies has you covered. The High Tide Technologies system is applicable in the following industries: water, wastewater, low-pressure sewer, agricultural, oil & gas, and just about anything else you can imagine.

5 HTT industries

In the past, remote telemetry systems have been made possible through radio-based communications where all sites report back to a base station. In order to access the important system data, users have to go to the base station; usually located at a treatment plant or an office with display screens. With High Tide Technologies, our field units communicate with our servers using cellular, satellite, or Ethernet-based methods. This eliminates the need for a base station, enabling our customers to view their system data from any permitted users’ Internet-connected devices through our monitoring website.


Cloud-based SCADA is not a fad or buzz phrase to us. High Tide Technologies has been using this methodology for the past 14 years, and our technology is proven in helping our hundreds of customers access their important system data from anywhere.

High Tide Technologies offers a broad range of solutions, including but not limited to the following: SCADA automation, alarm management, telemetry monitoring, and the manual control of your system