Alarm Management


The HTT-900 is often sold as a cellular alternative to a traditional landline alarm auto dialer, however the features provided by the HTT-900 are so much more than those of an auto dialer. Typically auto dialers require that you physically go to each site and program the phone numbers in to be called and the order in which your team should be called. This means that if a single number changes, you have to visit every auto dialer to program it. Auto dialers do a good job of letting you know when something is broken but they won’t give you any data you could use for preventative maintenance before something goes wrong.

Even the basic installation of the HTT-900 gives you all the alarms of the auto dialer plus pump start and runtime statistics that can let you know when pumps are struggling. The HTT-900 can also take meter inputs, generator status inputs and rain gauge accumulators that give you even more information. The cloud-based system also means that you can manage the alarm recipient list in one place and avoid visiting each site for programming.

So for less than the hardware price of an autodialer and a lower monthly connection fee, you get a full-featured SCADA alarm management & monitoring system to keep your system running smoothly.


So next time you think about getting an autodialer, you can remember all the added benefits to the HTT-900, the more advanced and much less costly solution.

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