SCADA for Treatment Plant Monitoring

High Tide’s treatment plant monitoring SCADA solutions integrate robust analog and digital I/O capabilities, enabling automatic alerts via text, voicemail, or email for a swift response to system irregularities.

With remote access to live plant data, onsite visits become unnecessary, allowing for seamless monitoring and assessment from any location.

Our cloud-based SCADA platform provides real-time visibility and control over treatment plant operations, promoting efficiency and proactive management.

Similarly, the HTT GEN-2 RTU unit ensures effortless operation with easy installation, maintenance, and updates, complemented by UL certification for safety and reliability.

With data polling every two minutes and advanced control features, users can manage applications effectively while enjoying remote firmware updates and 24/7 factory support for uninterrupted performance.

Get in touch today to learn how treatment plant monitoring solutions from High Tide Technologies can take your operations to the next level.

Treatment Plant Monitoring Features

Manage your lift station with SCADA systems from High Tide Technologies.

Easy Management

Set up unlimited users to receive alarm calls or system updates via text, phone, or email.
See the current status all of your lift stations on one screen, rather than have all your operators drive around each day.

Save Your Time

Save time on traveling between you plant and remote sites and view important system data in one place.
See a variety of lift station data on our website to help you keep up on preventative maintenance.

Monitor Your System

View your data in any denomination you like, as well as easily export files for periodic reporting.

A Word From Our Customers

Meet our Solution for Water Systems


The High Tide Technologies SCADA website features the latest technology to benefit our customers: two-stage user authentication, instant screen updates, responsive design to conform to any screen size, user-action auto-logging, and enhanced user-controlled configurations.


We do not believe that you should have to pay extra just to use the hardware that you've purchased, so High Tide Technologies' software access is included as long as you are an active customer. As a customer of High Tide Technologies, all software upgrades are provided free of charge.


Wastewater customers can enjoy features such as: full alarm system, starts & run-time statistics, flow metering & flow estimation, wet well level graphing, pump amp monitoring, real-time pump statuses, discharge pressures, and rain gauge data.


Water customers can enjoy features such as: water tank level / change direction / volume lookup, local valve or mixer controls, real-time pump station statuses, pump controls & alternations, suction & discharge pressure readings, local chlorine monitors, flow meters, low-suction cut-offs, back-up timer controls, and well as full integration of valves and metering solutions.

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