Benefits of Using SCADA for Oil and Gas Monitoring

Oil and Gas SCADA Efficiency Benefits

One of the key benefits of SCADA is improving the efficiency of the process necessary for the gas and oil industry. This process must be monitored closely to ensure performance. When the supply chain is optimized, inefficiencies are minimized, waste is decreased and the proper maintenance of equipment is assured. 

Oil and gas SCADA software provides operators with the ability to monitor pipelines and gas well production. If there are any issues, automatic notifications and alerts are sent. The improvement in performance enables the gas and oil industry to remain competitive by maximizing their resources and processes.  

Gas and Oil Industry Safety

The oil and gas industry can be a liability for the environment and a safety hazard to the public. Leaks and spills are expensive and damage the ecosystems drastically. Environmental standards are critical for both distribution and production. A SCADA monitoring system offers alarm notifications, speed and sophistication. 

SCADA systems make finding a solution for any issue much faster. Operators know when a malfunction has occurred thanks to mobile device notifications being integrated with their monitoring system. Quicker deployment of solutions helps ensure the public remains safe and standards for protecting the environment are maintained.  

The Three Oil and Gas SCADA Applications

RTUs are effective for monitoring downstream conditions at a refinery. This encompasses a significant footprint. Time is required due to the complex nature and size of the sites. Catastrophes can be prevented when workers at the remote corners of the site receive an early warning regarding the issue.

The temperatures in holding tanks can rise to dangerous levels. When the maintenance workers are aware of the issue, first responders arrive earlier and more prepared. Not only will this save valuable time, but lives can be saved as well. SCADA systems are valuable for the oil and gas industry because downtime is prevented, management receives important information and risks are decreased. 

SCADA monitors telecommunication networks and physical wellheads for upstream applications. Any adverse conditions at communications towers or remote well pads are detected by RTUs. If a pump is threatened by extreme heat or a loss of pressure, the regional or field office managers are notified prior to the pump breaking. This decreases the financial impact by preventing downtime. 

RTUs are also important for midstream applications. This is especially true for pipelining. The flow rate is monitored by the RTUs so managers can stop overpressure and eliminate the risk of a leak. Information is available prior to the issue becoming any worse. This prevents dangerous blowouts and spills. SCADA equipment is an effective and durable investment that offers peace of mind, safety for valuable assets, and lasts for years.

The Main Benefits of SCADA

SCADA provides numerous benefits to companies in the gas and oil sector at every operational level. These benefits are detailed below. 

Reducing Errors: Human error is eliminated through the automation support of SCADA. This offers the precision necessary for improving efficiency and effectively decreasing expensive downtime risks. 

Crisis response: SCADA is critical when there is machinery failure. The system enables management to handle the issue immediately. Not only does this minimize the impact of an environmental disaster, but it is also important for the safety of the workers. 

Decision Making: SCADA gathers important data. This makes certain the data can be carefully studied by the company, the execution of strategic responses is instant and trends can be correctly anticipated. 

Supervision from a Distance: Machinery can be controlled and supervised from a distance due to SCADA. This includes remote geographic areas where not enough manpower is available. Communication between the remote equipment and the control center is then possible. 

Automation: Routine tasks are automated by SCADA. These tasks were taken care of by employees in the past. The result is increased productivity because the project can be completed more reliably and much faster.

Learning More

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