Case Study: City of Dover Wastewater Monitoring - High Tide Technologies
Case Study

The City of Dover Entrusts High Tide Technologies with Complete Wastewater Monitoring Overhaul

High Tide delivers a secure cloud-based SCADA package that integrates preventative maintenance insights and comprehensive data monitoring solutions.

Upgrading an Antiquated Radio SCADA System

In 2015, the City of Dover wastewater division was being bogged down by an aging radio-based monitoring system. High maintenance costs and the limited availability of replacement parts had become untenable. However, replacing the radio system with a newer one wasn’t a good option due to the enormous equipment investment and prolonged installation periods. A scalable solution and a seamless transition were needed.

For this, the City of Dover leaned on its long-time distribution partner, Freemire & Associates. Jason Lyon, Director of Water & Wastewater for the City of Dover, said, “We talked to our friends at Freemire. They mentioned a cloud-based monitoring alternative that can be accessed anywhere. So, we did a pilot with High Tide to try it out, which went really well. From that point, every time we needed upgrades or repairs at any point in our system, we decided to put in High Tide.”


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