Flexible Chlorine Injection Pacing Using Cloud-Based SCADA
Case Study

Flexible Chlorine Injection Pacing with Cloud-Based SCADA

The City of White Deer, Texas, is located in North Texas and serves approximately 500 water taps. The water distribution operation includes a flow-pacing chlorine injection valve. For the past 10 years, the utility had a custom-programmed, radio-based SCADA system in place, and it worked the way the operators needed it to.

After several years, the radio communications became unreliable, and the system experienced several connection dropouts. The system relied on constant connectivity to ensure functional controls and proper chlorine injection rates.

On the rare occasion that their SCADA system sent alarms, the utility operators were required to drive out to one of the sites where the local HMI screen was to determine what the problems were. Only after that could they determine what tools or personnel were needed to correct the problem.

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