High Tide Technologies Distributors Conference


Each year, High Tide Technologies holds a distributors conference in Nashville, TN – our base of operations. It gives us the opportunity to connect with the people who sell our cloud-based SCADA products and services to utility companies all over the country.

At this year’s distributors conference, we discussed notable challenges and accomplishments from 2018, and provided a comprehensive overview of what to expect in the upcoming year. The annual event was held at the Hilton Garden Inn, located in Music City’s bustling downtown area. We had a blast welcoming over 50 of our distributors from all over the country.

The purpose of this recap is to outline the key takeaways from the conference for those who weren’t able to attend, while providing a refresher for those who were.

2018 In Review: Growth, Challenges & Accomplishments

It was a big year for High Tide Technologies. We were able to expand our internal and external operations while securing a key partnership with E/One. Additionally, we were able to upgrade and release TelemetryVIEW 2.0. Here are the 2018 highlights:



Fortunately, most of the challenges we faced in 2018 had to do with scaling growth and making updates to our system functionality. Ultimately, these challenges will help us better serve our distributors and clients.

  • Modem & Network Stability: Cat-M delays (moving forward, all new shipments will be LTE)
  • Increase in sales has stressed our staff and systems, leading to new additions to our team
  • Release of TelemetryVIEW 2.0


  • All new modem shipments are now LTE CAT-1
  • Release of TelemetryVIEW 2.0
  • Signed contract with E/One

2019 Goals

Our business objectives for 2019 largely focus on continuing to refine our systems and while improving our internal processes. These goals are in alignment with our expressed objective to be the best cloud-based SCADA service provider in the industry.

  • Net 30% increase in staff
  • Focus on internal systems enhancements
  • Improve product support
  • Smooth upgrade of 2G Verizon modems
  • Continue to manage and expand our distribution network
  • Continue to enhance TelemetryVIEW to be the best in the industry
  • Complete SOC 2 Certification

Internal Systems Goals

Brand new ERP system that will integrate all our disconnected systems

  • Netsuite by Oracle
  • Better integrated quoting and ordering system
  • Better RMA system with tracking
  • Single customer database shared with product support ticketing, marketing, shipping, etc.
  • Integration of accounting functions with production systems

Product Support Goals

  • Create comprehensive manuals, help videos, etc. before new features and products are released
  • Collaborate with distributors to improve our process for acquiring startup information
  • Improve pre-release testing of web interface and hardware
  • Full ticketing system to make sure we can fully accommodate requests
  • Better connection between product support and production on RMAs

2G Upgrade Goals

The 2G upgrade will be a large undertaking that will require a coordinated effort on our part, as well as on the part of distributors and customers. The main points are listed below, but don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the details of this transition. We have a great opportunity to shine above our competition during the upgrade process as long as procedures are followed.

  • 1,300+ Verizon 2G modems go dead 12/31/2019
  • Assuming 10 months, we will average 130/month and probably peak at 200/month (50/week)

Marketing & Sales Update

Our marketing and sales initiatives are aimed at continuing to refine and improve our efforts to establish High Tide Technologies as a leading presence in the telemetry industry. To accomplish this feat, we have focused on improving customer/distributor support, as well as working to improve our visibility in both online and print media.

Over the past year, we have made large strides in competitive keyword rankings and will continue to prioritize organic growth. Additionally, we will be launching a Competitive Replacement Program to entice new business.

Successful Marketing Initiatives

  • Rebuilding & redesigning our website
  • Improving sales support
  • Creating targeted ads (print & web)
  • Content marketing (blogs, case studies, infographics, etc.)

Competitive Replacement Program

Verizon network upgrade taking place throughout 2019

  • Competitive units will be forced to upgrade modems
  • Modem upgrades are typically poorly executed

High Tide is offering a 30% discount for all competitive replacement units in 2019

  • Contact Sales (sales@htt io) regarding any competitive replacement project
  • Discount will be awarded on RTU sales only
  • Not communications or accessories sales
  • 30% off distributor pricing
  • Call to discuss current features and/or functions to align with customer expectations
  • Note: Must be sites that currently have competitive units

Sales Support in 2019

  • New brochures in 2019
  • Training Visits/Sales Calls: We have had success with training visits & sales calls instead of regional trade shows. Training & sales calls can be scheduled together.

Events in 2019

  • We are open to continuing education and trade-show speaking engagements
  • Trade show support consists of banners, handouts, brochures, case studies, product sheets, and advertising

Marketing Summary

  • We will continue to establish High Tide Technologies’ presence on search results pages
  • We are offering a 30% hardware discount on competitive replacements
  • Contact us directly for sales calls, quotes, and case study opportunities
  • SOC 2 will be completed in 2019. We will update you when this is completed

Technology Update

Technology (and data providers) have an enormous impact on the SCADA and telemetry industry. It is imperative that we stay abreast of any developments so we can continue to provide the highest quality data monitoring to our customer base. Here are some relevant technology updates to be aware of on the horizon.

AT&T Update

  • 1,230 3G or LTE units deployed
  • Only shipping LTE modems now
  • Preparing for 3G sunset at the end of 2021

Verizon Update

  • Kicking off 2G upgrade process today
  • 1300+ 2G units in the field
  • 600 LTE units already shipped
  • Still have roaming issues in Kentucky and West Virginia

Iridium Update

  • Iridium is still our preferred satellite commutations vendor
  • We have 430 Iridium installations active
  • Last satellite replacement launched January 11th by SpaceX
  • New more rugged antenna

What’s New?

Hardware & Firmware

  • All LTE on both Verizon and AT&T
  • Added Input LEDs to the RTU (last year)
  • Firmware enhancements:
    • Improved stability and auto recover mechanisms


  • Stocking and selling a lot of Pressure transducers
  • Surge arrestors and isolators
  • Pump Amp Switch and Transducers
  • Relays
  • Heaters, local displays, etc
  • Enclosure Desiccant Packs
  • Evaluating Time Transit and AVF Meters for resale
  • If you have something you need let us know and we will look into it

Seldom Used Features 

We Need To Improve Education on:

  • Lift station Flow estimate based on WW geometries
  • Pump Amp monitoring
  • Multismart and PC242 pump controller Modbus Interface
  • Service Log
  • Local Low suction cut off with transducer

Operations Overview

What’s New?

  • New staff hires
  • New ERP system coming soon
  • New order forms coming soon
  • Order deadline
  • Order rush fee
  • New Iridium antenna
  • New Order Form: We love to have feedback about this process so we can continue to refine it

Important Reminders

Information About the 2G Upgrade

Procedure for receiving, swapping and returning

  • After receiving your purchase order, HTT will send a box with detailed instructions and a shipping label

2018 Sales Awards

It‘s important to recognize excellence. So we took some time at out annual distributors conference to acknowledge sales awards to the distributors who excelled in 2018.

Gold Award for 1st place goes to: WASCON, Inc. (Tennessee/Kentucky)

Silver Award for 2nd place goes to: Odessa Pumps (West  Texas)

Bronze Award for 3rd Place goes to: Trombold Equipment Company (West Virginia & Western  Pennsylvania)

Most Improved Award goes to: J K  Duren Company (Georgia)

Website Development Update

2018 Software Development Highlights

  • 99.5% uptime
  • Continue customer roll out to the new site

General Highlights: SCADA HTT IO

  • 2-Stage Authentication
  • Generic controls engine for more advanced interactions
  • Enhance Customer Configuration like changing to alternate controls schemes or taking pumps out of service
  • Paging graphs back to any date in history
  • Data is responsive to any screen size, making for optimal user experience
  • Improved Summary pages
  • Integrated Pump Graphic:
    • Shows all pump related data in one block (HOA, AMPS, Seal fail, etc. )

2019 Software Development

  • To hire two additional people for our software development team
  • Analytic Alerts
  • Enhanced service history and logging, for example, recording operator-on-location using cell phone GPS
  • Performance improvements
  • SOC 2 will be an excellent security feature selling point

Product Support

Product Support Highlights

  • Added Stephen to our team in November and he is already taking calls
  • Last 6 months have been challenging as we scale growth
  • All new customers are being built on our new web interface
  • We have built most of the 800 customers new dashboards but have not had a chance to contact all the end users
  • Working on an improved ticketing system for larger tasks
  • More communications channels with installers like Slack
  • Preparing for the 1,300 Verizon 2G modem swaps: We will average 7 per day and probably do 15 on some days for the next 11 months

Best Ways To Reach Us

  • (877) 488-4882
  • (615) 256-6678
  • techsupport@htt.io
  • Slack chat channel (for some users)
  • Please do not call or text our direct lines or cell phones unless it is a genuine emergency

Distributors Conference Summary

During the conference, a reoccurring theme that we wanted to stress to our distributors is the importance we place on reinvestment. It will permeate all we do this year. By reinvesting, we aim to improve the quality of our products and services through improved processes and user experience.

Another point that we emphasized was the importance of everyone working together on the 2G upgrade project. This will be a concerted effort on our part, the part of the distributors, and the part of individual clients. A seamless transition is necessary for us to continue providing the highest quality cloud-based SCADA services without interruption.

In 2019, we look forward to continued company growth and the further refinement of our processes. We want to position ourselves to better serve our distributors and clients alike. Here’s to another great year! Thank you for being a part of the High Tide Technologies family. Your dedication and support have been a huge part of our success.

Fun Facts: HTT SCADA Trivia

How many text messages did our server send out in 2018?


How many voice calls did our server make in 2018?