Preventative Maintenance Alerts with SCADA

The ability to respond quickly in a crisis situation is a highly valuable asset. What’s even more valuable? Being able to foresee potential breakdowns in equipment, and therefore process, before they happen. A comprehensive SCADA software solution provides preventative maintenance alerts that allow for remote monitoring, system alarms, and a whole lot more.

Preventative maintenance helps keep industrial equipment running smoothly so there are no costly lags in system functionality. Through remote monitoring, operators can respond quickly to alarms and as they arise, reducing downtime and saving money. Workers can even be notified when potential problems are on the horizon.

Using any Internet-enabled device (desktop, tablet, or mobile), operators can set up early warning signals that notify them whenever potential issues arise with equipment. Simply put, preventative maintenance alerts enable industrial operators to be more proactive in their jobs.

Whether monitoring an oil pipeline or a wastewater lift station, these alerts promote the health and longevity of expensive equipment.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance consists of any regularly performed maintenance on industrial equipment that lessens the probability of equipment failure. Maximizing equipment performance can greatly decrease the frequency of equipment malfunction.

Work doesn’t happen when equipment fails. Processes come to a screeching halt while the problem is diagnosed and corrected. A comprehensive remote monitoring system will send alarm notifications to operators when a potential problem with equipment is detected. This allows for the equipment to be conveniently maintained rather than requiring immediate attention. Being proactive saves time and money.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance Alerts

Preventative maintenance alerts offer many benefits – both direct and indirect. Below are some of the benefits, as well as examples of real-world applications, for how preventative maintenance alerts can be deployed using a sophisticated SCADA application. The ability to review data from a remote location saves time and money.

Early Warning Alerts

Operators can set parameters for different types of operating conditions regarding important metrics such as pump flow rate, run-time statistics, flow metering, and many more. Operators can easily decipher data that indicates a looming problem and respond accordingly. Scheduled maintenance is always better than complete malfunction.

Digital Maintenance Log

The digital log keeps a backlog of data pertaining to the functionality, health, and maintenance history of the equipment. Notes can be accessed and reviewed to better understand what maintenance has recently been performed and what it implicates.

Trending Data

Historical and trending data can tell us an awful lot about equipment health. Operators can look at trends in the data timeline to assess any potential need for maintenance. Historical data trends can be accessed so operators can see what alerts have occurred before and how they were dealt with.

Easy access to historical data streamlines efficiency, while being able to set custom alerts when concerning events occur, greatly improves equipment performance and health. It streamlines the preventative maintenance process and allows operators to take a proactive approach.

Additional benefits of preventative maintenance alerts include:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Better communication between operators and the maintenance team
  • Early detection
  • Reduced fix times
  • Streamlined efficiency
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Extended lifespan of assets

SCADA Software Can Help Keep Equipment Healthy

High Tide Technologies provides secure SCADA solutions primarily for the water, wastewater, and oil & gas industries. Our remote monitoring software is loaded with useful features that help operators make informed decisions – including the ability to detect vulnerabilities in the system that can lead to equipment failure.

With SCADA monitoring, operators can remotely set warning parameters and use historical data trends to discover potential problems before they cause equipment malfunctions. This information allows operators to schedule site visits and preventive maintenance, drastically reducing shutdowns and field service calls.

Preventative maintenance protects and prolongs equipment life and improves operational efficiencies.

Preventative Maintenance Software

High Tide Technologies offers the most comprehensive SCADA software package in the industry. We give operators the data they need to be proactive when it comes to maintaining the health and efficiency of their equipment.