SCADA Systems / Software for Cloud-Based SCADA

Imagine what your job would be like if you didn’t have to manually check the status of pump stations, tank targets or lift stations.

With cloud-based SCADA, all of your town’s water, wastewater, and oil & gas services can be monitored with a click of a mouse or a swipe on your iPad. Not only does this save you time, it can also help prevent costly downtime of your equipment.

SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is a category of software application program for process control. Basically, it’s all about gathering data in real-time, from remote locations, in order to control equipment and conditions. The key component of cloud-based SCADA is that the data is not stored locally. The elimination of local servers and software saves money, and you won’t have to worry about data back-ups or data loss.

Here are a few questions our customers have asked us about cloud-based SCADA:

Who uses cloud-based SCADA?

Cloud-based SCADA is frequently used by sewer lift stations, water tanks, valve stations, water treatment plants, wastewater plants, raw water intake stations and natural gas odor injectors and regulators, to name just a few.

How does cloud-based SCADA help me do my job better?

Our 500+ customers have found that cloud-based SCADA helps them deal with power/equipment failures, overflow avoidance, and leak detection. With cloud-based SCADA, you’ll be able to monitor and control tank levels, observe water usage and track pump and valve performance with web-based software.

How much does cloud-based SCADA cost?

The price of cloud-based SCADA can vary, depending on equipment size, maintenance, and annual support fees. However, it usually costs much less than traditional SCADA, eliminating the need for repeater towers, data management, and SCADA software fees.

Tell me a little more about what makes High Tide Technologies different than other cloud-based SCADA providers.

Our goal is to simplify everything for our customers. We offer easy-to-install hardware, web-based software, communications (satellite, cellular or Ethernet) and 24/7 customer service. That means you can develop a reliable cloud-based SCADA system one unit at a time. Each unit communicates with the cloud independently, so you don’t have to build out your infrastructure all at once.

Our system is able to monitor, control and send alerts by text, voicemail, and email. We’re always here to support you with any questions or concerns.

I think cloud-based SCADA is the right thing for me. What questions should I ask a supplier before I sign-up?

We know you have many choices when it comes to SCADA suppliers. It can be overwhelming. Here are a few questions we think you should ask suppliers:

  • As a cloud-based SCADA supplier, how will you support us for the long-term?
  • What happens to our system if your business dissolves?
  • Will you be able to support our system remotely? And if so, will there be individual charges for that? If you’re a local supplier, do you have the in-house expertise to make repairs or changes?
  • Is there a fee for ongoing phone support and/or changes to the system?

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