The Expanding SCADA Marketplace

The global marketplace for SCADA monitoring has expanded exponentially over the last several years and continues to grow at a competitive rate. More and more water treatment and wastewater treatment plants are recognizing the value of cloud-based SCADA monitoring, and paying the upfront cost to upgrade their systems with the understanding that long-term gain will prevail. Several larger companies have begun introducing SCADA systems into their existing product line in an effort to capitalize on the growing interest in the potential of SCADA systems. The frenzy is on.


The Driving Force Behind SCADA Growth

A large reason for the rapid growth of SCADA monitoring systems is the investment in infrastructure being made by the industrial sector. Namely, the water and wastewater industries. Both industries are having to update treatment plants and operation procedures to meet changing guidelines and regulations. Cloud-based SCADA systems offer an efficient workflow in addition to providing live data and measurements to operators. The advantages of increased efficiency is the other driving force behind the increased adoption of SCADA systems.

Many governments are incentivizing the adoption of technological improvements for the water and wastewater industries. Due to the encouragement of upgrading the processes of monitoring and regulating these services, many treatment plants have taken a dive into the future of cloud-based SCADA monitoring. Although, there are still many holdouts. Updating your entire system requires a hefty investment in equipment, design, and training. The holdouts are unlikely to last long. The initial investment of this system upgrade is offset by the long-term potential of a SCADA monitoring system to save money over time – through efficiency and accuracy.


The Future of SCADA

By 2025, the market potential for SCADA systems in the water and wastewater industries is expected to double. A SCADA system consists of multiple components: hardware, software, and service. Each of these components presents a unique opportunity for businesses. Manufacturing hardware, software development, and providing initial and ongoing service to treatment plants are all unique market segments that could allure businesses with differing areas of expertise. New players in the SCADA game will undoubtedly emerge, and existing players will double down on their efforts to continue offering the highest quality products and services.


High Tide Technologies: Cloud-Based SCADA Monitoring

High Tide Technologies is an end-to-end cloud-based SCADA company that enables our users to create a complete SCADA solution that utilizes field units, satellite, cellular or Ethernet communications as well as the Internet to monitor and provides automatic control of your systems.