Water Meter SCADA System

Water Resource Management for Utilities

Water resource management is not only environmentally conscious, but it’s also fiscally responsible. For water utilities, minimizing water waste is a major concern that can drastically affect the bottom line. For them, water is money, meaning water leaks are literally money down the drain.

Proper management of water resources can be challenging because municipal water companies operate hundreds of miles of water main (sometimes thousands of miles). They need the ability to maintain the functionality of their equipment while accurately monitoring data that is crucial to operations. Effectively and efficiently managing these resources requires a proper zone metering solution.


What is Zone Metering?

Simply put, zone metering is a solution that allows water companies to segment their entire system into zones. This allows operators to access and analyze location-specific data, as well as respond to alarms more efficiently. A zone metering solution is beneficial for several reasons.


Benefits of Water Metering in Zones

In an effort to minimize costly leaks and better gauge water usage in specific sectors, many water utilities have to implement a custom zone metering system. Zone metering enables water companies to quickly detect leaks and respond to equipment alarms in isolated areas. This saves time and money by improving efficiency.

Additionally, zone-based water metering enables water operators to collect and analyze data on specific aspects of their system, for example, water usage. This information can save water utility companies money in the short-term and the long-term by protecting current company resources and providing data that helps scale future growth.

The notion of zone metering only tells half the story. For zone metering to be most effective, the addition of a cloud-based SCADA system is necessary to bring it all together.


SCADA System for Water Companies

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. It facilitates data analysis of industrial systems while providing remote control functionality. For water companies, a custom zone metering solution that delivers data through cloud-based SCADA helps them to learn about the health of their equipment. It also helps them learn about the functionality of their system.

High Tide Technologies provides comprehensive SCADA solutions that deliver real-time data through the use of a secure client portal. SCADA solutions provide insight into preventive equipment maintenance, pump run, drain times, fill times, and more. Additionally, the system sends alarm notifications that signal equipment failures or high water usage.

High Tide’s custom SCADA solutions enable water system operators to remotely monitor location-specific data. This helps to improve system functions while minimizing water waste. In the old days of water distribution, an employee had to physically inspect sites to collect data. SCADA solutions eliminate the tedium and inefficiencies of trial and error diagnosis by providing water system operators with precise data about every single component of their system.