Grinder Pump Alarm for Low Pressure Sewer Monitoring

The Grinder Pump Guardian (GPG) system is designed to monitor a whole neighborhood of low-pressure sewer pumps at once. The GPG remote module is installed in each pump control panel and an HTT-1100 unit is installed somewhere in the neighborhood to manage the messages from up to 180 GPG remotes. Each remote reports to the “collector” if there is a pump station alarm or if there is an excessive pump runtime alert. The collector relays messages to the High Tide Technologies servers, which then send out alarms to the operators. The collector can also be used to monitor a lift station that is in the neighborhood.

Our customer-facing web interface gives you the tools to know exactly where there are problems in your system and schedule service calls appropriately. Service history can also be maintained on the same system.

Maximize your grinder pump with SCADA monitoring.

Grinding Pump Alarm Monitoring Features

Manage your lift station with SCADA systems from High Tide Technologies.

Easy Management

Manage your alarm call tree directly from our website, rather than going to each site to program call tree changes.
See the current status all of your lift stations on one screen, rather than have all your operators drive around each day.

Save Your Time

See the current status all of your grinder pump stations on one screen, rather than have all your operators drive around each day.

A Word From Our Customers

Meet our Solution for Low-Pressure Sewer Systems


The High Tide Technologies SCADA website features the latest technology to benefit our customers: two-stage user authentication, instant screen updates, responsive design to conform to any screen size, user-action auto-logging, and enhanced user-controlled configurations.


We do not believe that you should have to pay extra just to use the hardware that you've purchased, so High Tide Technologies' software access is included as long as you are an active customer. As a customer of High Tide Technologies, all software upgrades are provided free of charge.


Wastewater customers can enjoy features such as: full alarm system, starts & run-time statistics, flow metering & flow estimation, wet well level graphing, pump amp monitoring, real-time pump statuses, discharge pressures, and rain gauge data.


Water customers can enjoy features such as: water tank level / change direction / volume lookup, local valve or mixer controls, real-time pump station statuses, pump controls & alternations, suction & discharge pressure readings, local chlorine monitors, flow meters, low-suction cut-offs, back-up timer controls, and well as full integration of valves and metering solutions.

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