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Case Study

Gulf Shores Utilities Continues Tapping High Tide Technologies for Their Satellite SCADA Needs

High Tide provides SCADA solutions that consist of wastewater alarms and data insights about equipment health and preventative maintenance.

Monitoring Solutions That Eliminate Inefficiencies

When High Tide first started working with Gulf Shores Utilities, a basic alarm dialer functionality was the extent of their monitoring capabilities. Now, in addition to the alarm dialer, they also get access to comprehensive pump statistics that include equipment health status updates and preventative maintenance alerts.

This means that at over 50 points in their sewer reclamation system, they have the ability to access equipment health updates and flow metrics 24/7/365. This not only helps them react with precision when something goes wrong but also enables them to be proactive about maintaining their equipment.

For example, if a pump in their system wasn’t alternating, they would be able to quickly pinpoint an issue with the control panel. Or if a particular pump was running longer than another, they would be able to spot an issue with a pump or valve. In both of these cases, being able to proactively maintain equipment can drastically reduce the occurrence of a major system failure.


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