Case Study

High Tide Technologies Solves Legacy SCADA Challenges for Mountain Water & Sanitation District

How High Tide transformed control and monitoring capabilities, eliminating on-site hassles for the Conifer-based utility’s water and wastewater interests

Replacing an Outdated SCADA System

Mountain Water & Sanitation District relied on an aging SCADA system to manage its water and wastewater operations for two decades. Over time, this once-reliable system became obsolete, raising concerns about its ability to keep pace with the district’s evolving requirements.

Complicating matters further, the SCADA system was managed by an individual who had long been an essential part of the district’s operations. Mountain Water & Sanitation District faced a significant challenge when this key figure retired.

Left with an outdated SCADA system in dire need of modernization and more oversight of an experienced expert, the district found itself in a critical situation. It became evident that more than a quick fix would be needed; they needed a comprehensive, sustainable monitoring solution to address immediate demands and future growth.


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