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Cloud-Based SCADA Software

High Tide Technologies provides flexible cloud-based SCADA monitoring solutions that save utility companies time and money. Our SCADA software packages seamlessly integrate among various industries and applications to provide the data you need, when you need it.

Custom Remote Monitoring Solutions

One of the primary benefits of using High Tide Technologies as your cloud-based SCADA service provider is that we offer the experience and functionality of a customized monitoring system that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and offer it for a fraction of the cost.

Expert Server-Side Management

Routine server-side backups and security monitoring ensure that your data is never compromised. With a traditional SCADA monitoring system, an individual owns and manages the server, which means that one person is responsible for everything. With a cloud-based monitoring system, an experienced and reliable organization manages it. You can rest assured knowing that all security, maintenance, and upgrades will be handled responsibly.


No Hidden Fees

We charge one annual fee per monitoring site. That’s it. With High Tide, there are no license fees, service tiers, or special support pricing. Software applications are routinely upgraded with new features and made available to our entire installation-base network at no extra charge. One price gets you all of the benefits. Simply put: our cloud-based SCADA service is a game changer for utilities that want custom monitoring capabilities for a fraction of the cost.

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Who Needs SCADA?

The operator or field technician. The hardworking people in the field have been left out of the data loop for too long. Traditionally, data flows between the field unit and the plant, leaving the people who operate the equipment out of the equation. A cellular or satellite cloud-based SCADA system is an invaluable tool for operators and technicians across industries and applications.

Operators are typically not the decision makers, but having access to remote data makes maintaining and operating the equipment a more proactive experience. It provides managers, operators, and technicians with the ability to detect potential issues well in advance, rather than just receiving alarms when things go wrong. This promotes a productive line of communication between those in the field with those in the office.

With a cloud-based SCADA monitoring system, data can be securely accessed by authorized personnel — anywhere, any time.

Configurable Monitoring Solutions Since 2002

While there are many cellular SCADA companies to choose from, High Tide has been doing it the longest. Since 2002, we have been helping utility companies save money through configurable remote monitoring solutions and first-class customer service.

Let’s face it, there’s no blanket approach to monitoring. That’s why we offer flexible solutions. Each of our widgets and functionalities can be customized to suit the unique needs of your system. Configurable SCADA software enables operators to track data and notifications that are vital to their unique system and industry.

Unrivaled Customer Support & Software Upgrades

Unrivaled Customer Support - High tide Technologies

What sets High Tide apart from our competitors is simple: we’re there for our customers through an active-support relationship. Many of our customers have been with us since 2002 because our commitment to five-star customer support is evident in the way we use their feedback to improve our service.

We offer a lot of features that can be configured to what the client wants to see. Whenever we make software application updates, we make them available to our entire client network free of charge. There are no hidden fees for software upgrades — they come standard with an annual subscription.

While many of our competitors offer similar remote monitoring features, they make the end-user configure and customize the system themselves. Our philosophy is to support people through configured customizations. We take the time to learn the client’s server-side needs and build out a customized dashboard for them.

Whenever questions or concerns arise, our customers are encouraged to contact our dedicated support team directly. Troubleshoot problems and improve your service by speaking with an onshore High Tide customer service representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — located right here in Nashville, TN.


Cloud-Based SCADA is the Future

Cloud-based monitoring is the future. It is a highly customizable format that can be seamlessly upgraded and accessed using any internet-enabled device — all for a fraction of the cost of legacy monitoring solutions such as auto dialer, hosted, or radio-based systems.

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Cloud-Based SCADA: Cost-Effective Alternative To Traditional SCADA Monitoring


Cloud-based SCADA is an affordable and efficient alternative to traditional SCADA monitoring systems. It enables operators and technicians across industries to monitor the performance and health of their equipment, set and receive alarms and notifications, and configure automatic functions for pump stations, lift stations, and treatment plants.

With more bad press about the mishandeling of water, wastewater, and oil and gas appearing every day, it’s no longer enough to solely monitor high tank levels and pump failures. Utility providers need to be proactive about the quality, health, and functionality of their systems. Cloud-based SCADA monitoring provides access to data that enables operators and technicians to interpret ongoing performance and detect looming issues.

High Tide Technologies has developed state-of-the-art hardware and software packages that help utility providers maintain quality and security standards while eliminating inefficiencies and oversights that lead to costly repairs down the line. Our cloud-based SCADA solution reduces operating costs by facilitating proactive monitoring from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Better data helps operators and technicians make informed decisions about your system.

Secure Data

We offer two-factor verification, which you won’t find with any of our competitors. Our secure customer portal allows you to access all of your data and monitoring sites from one intuitive dashboard. This makes it easy to find the data you need to ensure proper equipment health and functionality. This ability increases the lifespan of your equipment and reduces reaction time in the event of malfunction. Our server has been audited and SOC 2 certified, so you can rest assured that your data will remain secure, safe, and accessible.

Monitoring Solutions & Applications

High Tide’s cloud-based SCADA monitoring software is ideal for wastewater collection and treatment, water distribution, oil & gas pipeline monitoring, agriculture, and stormwater collection.


Wastewater Monitoring


  • Efficiently monitor discrete alarm inputs
  • Power Fail and No Communications alarms
  • Transmits Pump starts and Runtimes on a periodic basis
  • Notifies user of system and discrete alarms (floats) via text, email, or phone calls
  • Various reports available for station health and activity
  • Provide unlimited users with access to the web-based dashboard where they can review data and enter service history


  • All mid-range features
  • Monitor pump amps and alarm on out of range conditions
  • Report all pump on/off activity real-time with historical graphing


  • All Basic features
  • Monitor and alarm based on analog wet well levels
  • Monitor flows using on-site meter or built-in flow estimation based on Wet Well geometries
  • Optional Rain Gauge monitoring with 15 min data resolution

Future Stuff

  • Data analytic alarms when pump starts and runtimes are out of normal range
  • Daily system status email reports
  • Continuous monitoring of Pump drawdown tests and alarms when out of normal range.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Receive alarm notifications for power failure and communications failures
  • Monitor and report various discrete alarm inputs
  • Report various pump activities
  • Monitor abnormalities from settling ponds, basins, influent or effluent tanks
  • Monitor and alarm on various chemical sensors, DO, PH, turbidity, …
  • Monitor flow rates and flow totals at various points in the process
  • Chemical tank level monitoring

Water Distribution Systems


  • Pump run status
  • Pump On/off Controls
  • Pump fail alarms
  • Optional Pump Amp reporting
  • Suction and Discharge pressure
  • Optional low suctions cutoff controls
  • Valve status and control
  • Local Tanks
  • Power failure, communications failure
  • Optional Meter monitoring


  • Tank Level/System pressure
  • Chlorine level
  • Local Well status
  • Local Valve status
  • Altitude valve controls
  • Power failure, communications failure
  • Optional meter monitoring

Oil & Gas Monitoring


  • Gas meter totals and flow rates
  • Line pressure monitoring
  • Low flow alarms
  • Odorant injector monitoring

Landfill Monitoring

Managing Environmental Impact

  • Leachate tank levels
  • Leachate pump on off status and controls
  • Flow meter monitoring

Agriculture & Irrigation Monitoring

  • Feedlot tank monitoring
  • Feedlot water pump control
  • Local wastewater pump station monitoring

Stormwater Management

  • Collection Basin level monitor and alarm
  • Basin pump monitoring and control based on timers and basin levels

Upgrade Your Remote Monitoring System

There are many reasons to upgrade your remote monitoring system. Lower cost, increased efficiency, integrated customization, preventative maintenance, and environmental safety are among the top benefits of a cloud-based SCADA monitoring system.

If you operate a utility and are looking for a provider that puts the customer first, contact High Tide Technologies today. We’ll put you in touch with a distributor in your area who can put the means to be proactive at your fingertips.

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