Evaluating the Advanced Features of SCADA Software

An advanced SCADA system can benefit companies that oversee wastewater management facilities, water treatment centers, oil and gas pipelines, and many other industrial applications. Once you install the system, SCADA software can evaluate the performance of the equipment, receive important alerts, examine detailed reports, and monitor numerous types of meters. You can also determine the level of water within each tank and evaluate the flow of water, the performance of each pump, multiple valves, and the level of pressure.

Improving Communication and Receiving Important Notifications

High Tide Technologies specializes in SCADA programming. We can modify the settings of our SCADA software, update the system, and customize software configurations to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our experts have installed more than 8,500 systems during the last 19 years. Moreover, we currently serve approximately 1,100 clients. Before installing a new system, our specialists can evaluate the client’s needs, the company’s equipment, numerous tanks, large pipelines, and the facility’s meters.

After a company programs the SCADA software, employees can remotely monitor many types of equipment. The SCADA system can use satellites, cellular devices, field units, and an Ethernet device. Additionally, the software program can automatically send alerts to the employees. The workers can perform routine maintenance, inspect the machines, replace numerous components, and evaluate multiple sensors.

Optimizing the Efficiency of Each Facility

The cutting-edge systems can substantially increase automation, improve data processing, reduce downtime, and optimize real-time information accuracy. While the system monitors the equipment, the employees can also forgo manual inspections, and the workers can enhance productivity, improve oversight, prevent miscommunication, and increase compliance.

What Is HMI?

The system features a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that can help users evaluate essential data. The HMI/SCADA product can generate extensive diagrams, valuable charts, detailed reports, and other types of graphics. The interface can help employees examine significant trends, yet the users may also evaluate the sensors providing data.

What is the HMI That Can Improve the Performance of the System?

Once a business chooses the HMI/SCADA product, the cutting-edge system can considerably increase employees’ productivity, reduce downtime and decrease several types of expenses. The system also features transducers that can consistently receive essential data, and the software may utilize efficient modems that can easily share the data.

Examining the Flow of Water and the Performance of the Equipment

The system can consistently evaluate many meters, efficient pumps, and sizable valves, and the software can automatically detect a leak. The system may also prevent an overflow, assess the consumption of water, and examine power failures. Once the equipment activates an alarm, the system can provide detailed information to help the employees solve the problem. The workers can quickly identify the device that triggered the alarm, and the employees can create a solution, eliminate the leak or perform repairs.

Choosing an Innovative SCADA System

We provide supervisory control and data acquisition software. Before you choose an advanced cloud-based monitoring system, we’re here to walk you through the features of each system and provide comprehensive solutions. As leading experts in SCADA software and programming, you can trust us to provide you with a SCADA system uniquely designed for your industry. To learn more about setting up a SCADA system for your operation, reach out to High Tide Technologies today.