SCADA Hardware: Examining the Architectures of a SCADA System

Gone are the days that operators in the water, wastewater, and oil & gas industries had to drive across hundreds of miles of terrain to gain insight into their equipment. SCADA systems have changed the way industrial operators work by giving them access to remotely monitor their equipment and processes. Using any internet-enabled device, operators can now quickly access and evaluate flow meters, storage tanks, pumps, lift stations, and other crucial checkpoints in their system.

High Tide Technologies offers comprehensive SCADA solutions that can improve system performance, optimize communication, increase automation, and provide valuable data. While we customize the SCADA architecture, we can create a system that contains numerous checkpoints, programmable logic controllers, remote terminal units, and efficient sensors.

Evaluating Multiple Types of Sensors

The system features sensors that collect a constant flow of essential data, which is relayed via our cloud-based SCADA software and made accessible to the end-user. These sensors can measure the flow of water,  temperature, pressure, and status of the equipment. The sensors can also evaluate the level of water within each tank, and consequently, the SCADA system can easily detect a leak. This saves hours of troubleshooting when a problem arises in the system. Additionally, preventative maintenance alerts can be set so that you can maximize the lifespan of your equipment.

Studying the Benefits of a Programmable Logic Controller

A programmable logic controller allows you to monitor your system activity at various checkpoints and can even be a conduit for remotely controlling numerous processes. The device gathers critical data, improves automation, and transmits information. Additionally, it enables operators to customize equipment settings, modify the system’s protocols, increase the adaptability of the equipment, and provide access to historical data. Along with sensors, remote terminal units can be conveniently placed at various checkpoints throughout your system so your team knows what’s going on every step of the way.

Evaluating the Remote Terminal Unit

Remote terminal units transmit data to the master station. These innovative devices can monitor analog inputs, digital outputs, and analog outputs. While numerous sources provide real-time data, the remote terminal unit can quickly aggregate the data, offer several notifications (such as autodialer functionality), and organize the information for an improved user experience.

Improving Communication and Enhancing the Efficiency of the System

High Tide Technologies offers a fully configurable SCADA system that features many types of field units. The hardware selected depends on your monitoring requirements. Once installed, your operators will be able to remotely monitor the equipment. The software side of the system can utilize cellular devices, satellites, and Ethernet technology. Consequently, the equipment can quickly transmit real-time data, eliminate delays, and improve the cohesiveness of the SCADA network.

Providing Electricity That Will Power the System

In the event that the RTU loses power, an alarm notification will automatically be sent, and the backup battery will be activated. Additional power is supplied using solar technology. The use of solar regulators can help mediate the consumption of electricity, prevent an overcharge, and optimize the efficiency of the solar panels. According to multiple reports, solar panels can reduce energy costs by more than 27 percent.

Customizing the Master Station and Improving the Architecture of the System

After a company evaluates SCADA applications, the business can select a system that can monitor a water treatment facility, an oil & gas pipeline, or a water distribution system. The interconnected system will contain a master station that links up with our industry-leading SCADA software platform. This device will be in constant communication with all of your field units, along with the master station, and can provide detailed statistics, extensive graphs, and critical alerts. Our SCADA software also offers vital insights that enable operators to monitor equipment and set up preventative maintenance alerts.

Choosing an Advanced SCADA System

Before you choose an advanced cloud-based monitoring system, we’re here to walk you through the advanced architectures of each system and provide comprehensive solutions. We specialize in providing customized SCADA solutions that uniquely fit your needs. To learn more about setting up a SCADA system for your operation, reach out to High Tide Technologies today.