Grinder Pump Alarm for Low Pressure Sewer Monitoring

The GPG remotes use a 900MHZ ISM band radio mesh network to communicate. Each GPG remote functions as a repeater and has a range of between 500 feet and half-mile depending on terrain and vegetation density. The collector also polls every remote once per hour to verify that they have power and are functioning normally.

Typical Applications


  • Station alarm monitoring
  • Excessive starts and/or run-times alarming
  • Optional daily starts & run-time reporting
  • Each GPG can work with either a simplex or duplex grinder pump station
  • Specifications

    Input Voltage: 120V or 240V compatible
    Input Functions: 1 alarm and 2 pump status
    Radio Channels: 4 selectable
    Input Power: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
    Digital Inputs: 8
    Analog Inputs 4
    Enclosure: 10in x 12in, Nema 4X FRP or Dinrail kit
    Operating Temperature: -25C to 70C
    Input Power: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
    Backup Battery: 12V 1-2 days

    Grinder Pump Alarm for Low Pressure Sewer Monitoring

    The Grinder Pump Guardian (GPG) system is designed to monitor a whole neighborhood of low pressure sewer pumps at once. The GPG remote module is installed in each pump control panel and an HTT-1100 unit is installed somewhere in the neighborhood to manage the messages from up to 180 GPG remotes. Each …

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