Upgrade Your Remote Monitoring System

If you work in the water, wastewater, or gas and oil industries, you know how important it is to be able to monitor systems quickly and efficiently. You might need to know if pumps are operational when the water levels rise at your water treatment facility. Otherwise, you might need to know about low water levels before you have customers on the phone asking you why the services aren’t working.

You also want to be able to pinpoint the location of the problem quickly so that services can resume as soon as possible — a leak in a natural gas pipeline that isn’t identified quickly can translate to a lot of wasted resources. 

If you’ve been relying on the experience of your technicians to know where a faulty pump or another piece of equipment would be, you’ll be pleased with the ease you can monitor equipment from your computer or smartphone when you have a High Tide Technologies SCADA monitoring system.

What is a Remote Monitoring System?

If you don’t already have one, you might not know all of the benefits of remote monitoring systems. With this type of technology, you can monitor and adjust your systems from wherever you are. A remote monitoring system uses sensors within your plant to monitor water and/or oil levels, pumps, pH levels, and many other systems in various types of plants.

What Types of Plants Would High Tide Technologies Benefit?

The SCADA solutions created by High Tide Technologies are designed for a variety of industries. High Tide Technologies makes a gas monitoring system, a water monitoring system, and a wastewater monitoring system. 

Each SCADA package includes telemetry hardware and software, a secure client portal, and also offers pump alarms that notify you when your system isn’t functioning properly. 

If you’re trying to manage one of these types of plants while improving customer service and reducing the amount of effort that your technicians need to put into finding faulty equipment, you should strongly consider using the comprehensive SCADA systems offered by High Tide Technologies.

What Are the Benefits of Using Cloud-Based SCADA Solutions?

When you have a cloud-based monitoring system, you’re able to keep track of all of the functions of your plant or treatment center from your computer or even smartphone, which means that you can track everything from your rain gauge data at a water treatment plant to oil production in well fields. 

The system is tidy and intuitive, and all of your files are stored safely in the cloud so that the experience is streamlined and so that you get updates to your gas monitoring system, wastewater monitoring system, or water monitoring system quickly and easily.

How is a Remote Monitoring System Better Than Autodialer Systems?

If you’re trying to get a better understanding of what remote monitoring systems provide that an autodialer system doesn’t, you should think of the systems that High Tide Technologies has created as being more comprehensive. Auto dialing is one of the features that is included in the systems created by High Tide Technologies, but our software also includes:

With these added features, you’ll be able to more easily monitor your plants, pipelines, or lift stations over an extended period of time. You’ll also get warnings, like the pump alarms, that can alert you of problems well in advance so that you can fix them before they impact your customers’ daily routines.

Businesses that have been using outdated remote monitoring systems or autodialer systems should consider using High Tide Technologies. With our cloud-based SCADA system, you can provide better service to your customers while reducing the number of visits that your technicians make to specific locations throughout your service area. 

Contact High Tide Technologies to talk to us and learn more about upgrading from an autodialer system to one of our cloud-based SCADA monitoring systems.