SCADA Software Increases Productivity

In such industries as water, wastewater, and oil & gas management, it is vital that systems are constantly monitored in order to keep the public safe. 

However, because most of these facilities are quite large and difficult to tend, field technicians often have trouble keeping up with and recording all of the minute details. Even worse, they’re often unable to manually visit sites to perform repairs and routine maintenance. 

With SCADA software in the hands of field technicians and operators, plant operations not only can proceed smoothly but also can work more efficiently than ever before.

What Is SCADA Software?

SCADA systems, also known as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition software, enables individuals to remotely monitor data, record events, and even control certain aspects of machinery and devices. SCADA systems can even provide notices and alarms so that problems can be handled quickly.

While SCADA can be used by many industries, it is frequently chosen by those that have equipment located far from populated areas. 

Using SCADA software, technicians can see exactly what is happening from a distance. They can look at the most intricate data and use human-machine interface (HMI) software to make important changes to machinery located miles away from them.

How Can SCADA Systems Improve Productivity and Efficiency?

Clearly, this type of remote monitoring software can improve productivity and efficiency in a variety of important sectors by allowing individuals to make changes quickly with a few taps of a button. 

Not only is time saved when technicians do not have to travel to remote locations, but also machinery works more efficiently when technicians can monitor real-time data, create automated logs, and set alerts for preventative maintenance

Operators used to be required to be on the scene in order to monitor equipment. But now companies can rely on remote monitoring software to tend to their most remote equipment in the field. Today, all facilities can be run with exactly the same efficiency, no matter where they are located.

Which Industries Are Perfectly Suited for Using Remote Monitoring Software?

While many industries can make use of SCADA software, it is most important for water and wastewater monitoring as well as for oil and gas monitoring. This is because these industries often have equipment scattered across vast geographic distances, and this equipment needs to be monitored constantly.

Water monitoring is important to ensure that residents are consistently getting clean and safe water to drink, and wastewater monitoring is equally important for ensuring that just the right amounts of chemicals are used for cleaning sullied water. 

However, even such industries as food and beverage, transportation, and manufacturing use some type of SCADA system to ensure that their processes roll smoothly along and to track important data.

Who Can Benefit Most from SCADA Solutions?

Older systems were designed to serve mainly those who were in charge of plant operations, but SCADA can benefit every individual who works with the system, including field technicians and those who most frequently come into contact with equipment. 

Using remote monitoring systems, plant technicians can look at data wherever they are and can make minute changes to improve efficiency. While a field technician may not be the person who ultimately makes major decisions, he is the one responsible for day-to-day changes to improve safety and output. 

Instead of getting information from someone higher up, he can now use the information at his fingertips to make micro-adjustments.

How Can You Choose the Right SCADA Solutions?

Today, there are many types of SCADA from which you can choose. However, you must understand the current needs of your organization as well as its future needs to best determine what software is appropriate. 

Most SCADA programs last for approximately 15 years. Therefore, you should consider needs and possible changes at least this far into the future. While you cannot predict exactly what your future needs will be, you should be able to determine whether your company will be expanding and what inefficiencies you wish to have the SCADA address during this time. 

You will also want to select a system that is adequately mobile and that is simple to use by all field technicians. With a cloud-based SCADA system from High Tide Technologies, your software will be updated frequently to perform optimally. Users can easily be added and removed and data can be easily accessed from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device 24/7/365.

Get Help for Water, Wastewater, Oil and Gas Monitoring Today

Whether you wish to use SCADA solutions for oil and gas monitoring, water monitoring or some other need, High Tide’s cloud-based SCADA can address your concerns quickly with flexible software designed to give you the data you need wherever you are. 

High Tide uses extensive security monitoring along with a cloud-based program for ease of use and for plenty of data storage. With top-of-the-line customer service and regular software upgrades and server backups, you can trust High Tide to help you with all of your monitoring needs by using configurable software designed for your unique industry.