SCADA Systems Provide Advanced Leak Detection for Utility Operators

Cloud-based SCADA systems are the most efficient way to monitor a utility system. This powerful remote monitoring software enables operators to quickly detect leaks, examine performance and efficiency, and run real-time reports.

When a leak is detected, alarm notifications are immediately sent to multiple employees so the issue can be addressed without wasting precious resources.

Remote Monitoring Improves System Efficiency

When you utilize a cloud-based SCADA system, the software provides an abundance of data about the functionality and health of your equipment. It can indicate the level of pressure within each pipe, monitor durable valves, measure tank level, track flow monitoring, and much more.

In addition to receiving alarm notifications when something goes awry, preventative maintenance alerts can also be configured so operators can be proactive about their equipment.

SCADA technology substantially improves the performance of water distribution and wastewater collection systems. This not only reduces the risk of leaks, it also increases public health safety. All in all, a cloud-based SCADA system can drastically decrease a company’s expenses by mitigating waste and inefficiency.

Detecting & Eliminating Leaks

A leaking pipe reduces the overall pressure within a system and can negatively affect the pumps. This increases long-term expenses and can cause further damage to the overcompensating system. For the health and longevity of your equipment, it is necessary to mitigate leaks.

Minor leaks can be difficult to detect without an advanced monitoring solution. If a leak is affecting the overall performance of the equipment chain, operators can erroneously assume that a pump is malfunctioning, when in actuality, a leak is wreaking havoc on the system’s pressure. 

With High Tide’s comprehensive SCADA monitoring software, you can quickly locate and fix leaks in your system. 

Monitoring Equipment Health

Our cloud-based SCADA systems empower utility operators by granting 24/7 remote monitoring access. Our secure web portal can be accessed using any internet-enabled device, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. 

The leak detection system consists of a sensor and a telemetry unit being installed at key access points in the system. Our SCADA software connects to the internet via cellular or satellite (depending on location) and becomes accessible via the web portal.

Once this is done, all system data, including notifications, alerts, and alarms, are instantly accessible by operators, engineers, and decision-makers.

Detailed Statistics & Preventative Maintenance

Utilizing remote monitoring software enables operators to examine extensive reports that provide real-time data about system health and functionality. This allows for a detailed analysis of specific locations throughout the system. 

Our pipe leak detection system is highly effective at finding statistical outliers, which provides insight into impending problems that may require preventative maintenance. Upon examining any statistical anomalies, you can also locate leaks, inspect defective pumps, or monitor the performance of each valve.

High Tide’s advanced remote monitoring system provides a user interface that can be customized and configured to suit your needs. Alarms and notices can be set, new users can easily be added or removed, and remote control parameters can be established.

Are You Interested in Remote Monitoring Services?

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